Churches in Jesus Mary

Among the pleasant walks to be enjoyed in our beautiful parks and the occasional visit by one of our markets, do not forget to watch some impressive churches in Jesus Maria abounding very near the Hotel Residencial Alfa.

San José Church

Projected by the Carmelite Fathers in 1945 work began under the responsibility of the prestigious architect Manuel Vidaurre.

Its silhouette is part of the collective imagination of the people of Jesus Maria and around Lima. Its neo-Gothic style and its two soaring main towers impress the beholder.

Church of San Antonio de Padua

It was inaugurated in 1967 and is the work of the eminent Peruvian architect Roberto Wakeham. Inside there is room for more than 1000 people, and inside contains significant works of art. Including the stunning stained glass master Adolf Austrian Winternitz (Christ with him and in him, Magnificat) and some sculptures by Italian artist Anna Maccagno.

Now you know, our district is made to order, stroll, enjoy and learn about the many parks, monuments and churches in Jesus Maria.

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