El hotel y los parques

Hotel  Residencial Alfa is surrounded by many of the most important parks in Jesus Maria, allowing you to enjoy a great tranquility and relaxation.

Field of Mars

Impossible not start talking about the Champ de Mars, one of the main lungs of the city, with an area of ​​over 60,000 square meters. This park is one of the most beloved by the people of Lima and lends itself to all kinds of outdoor activities or just for a leisurely stroll. Its interior features statues and interesting sights to see, such as «War Memorial», the «Eye that Cries», or dedicated to Japanese immigration to Peru. It is without doubt one of the parks most admired in Jesus Maria.

Park Heroes

Founded in 1971, on the occasion of the anniversary of Independence, this park has almost 5,000 square meters and its main attraction is the monument with the sculptures of some of the main Peruvian figures that participated in the independence.

Park Habich

With its large monument to the Polish engineer Eduardo J. de Habich, who founded the school of engineering and among the founders of the Geographical Society of Lima. It is still considered a great master of engineering and is recognized the deep imprint left in the country

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