The hotel and the district of Jesus Mary

Talking district of Jesus Maria is talking about one of the most special districts of Lima. Adjacent to the center of Lima, its appearance early last century was very different to that offered now. It was an agricultural area and the administrative district officially did not exist, the whole area being divided between Magdalena del Mar, Pueblo Libre and downtown

It is towards 1940 that the area receives a strong impulse which coincides with the opening of the great avenue Salaverry. Similarly, the beautiful Champs de Mars conditioned to always look and philosophy of the future district.

Thus, Jesus Maria has, since its inception, a, oscillating between the countryside and the city, with many parks and gardens, markets, churches and old residential houses belonging to the emerging bourgeoisie of the city green appearance.

The district was officially born on December 13, 1963, and today we can proudly claim to be the one with a green and sustainable aspect of the entire city.

So you know: during your stay at the Hotel Residencial Alfa remember to enjoy a stroll by the most friendly district of Lima.

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